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"I ordered my FREE Newsletter and my clients were amazed. The phone started ringing right away."
Cindy Lepoint

"You can't pass up this offer. What have you got to loose? I've gained a whole lot!"
Rob Decker

"This is such a great setup. And I had wasted so much money on those other companies. Now my clients are getting what they deserve."
Lisa Alterro


Newsletter Services

What we offer is simple:

A professionally written, informative, entertaining, professionally designed, full color, monthly newsletter.

And we offer it in two sizes: 4 pages, and 2 pages.

If you wish you can have your newsletter customized with your picture, name, address, phone, email, and whatever other contact information you want listed. A customized newsletter is actually the way to go because if the prospect keeps the newsletter around for a few months, you want them to easily recognize who sent it to them. Having them see your picture month after month also ingrains you in their mind.

Here are the features of both:


1. Comes out monthly.

2. Customized with your contact information.

3. Issued in Word or format so you can change any of the content and insert your own if you wish.

4. Can be printed by us and mailed to you if you wish. Printing and postage charges will apply

5. Can be printed and mailed directly to your client list. Printing, postage, and file management charges will apply. For this option, you will have to email us your client list and our mailing house will address and mail the newsletters to your list automatically. You can change your list as often as you need. Your return address will be used so undeliverables will return to you.


1. Comes out monthly

2. Issued in PDF format

3. You will receive an email when it is ready so you can download it from our server.

4. You can use it as an email newsletter or print it and mail it to your customers.

Cost: $0 Totally Free.


Here is a chart to help your decide

4-pager 2-pager
Full Color Yes Yes
Quality Content Yes Yes
Frequency Monthly Monthly
File Format Microsoft Word PDF
Customizable Yes No
Can Be Printed For You Yes No
Can Be Mailed For You Yes No
You Can Email To Clients Yes Yes
You Can Print Yourself Yes Yes


Which should you get?

If you are new to the business, money is tight, and you do not have a large database of customers you should get the free 2-pager. You can always upgrade later.

On the other hand, if you have done a few loans and are looking to build your database and generate more referrals from your database by looking professional, you should get the 4-pager.

At $49 a month, it is the lowest priced quality newsletter in the industry. And none of our competitors offers you the total "Do It For Me Package".

Order your Free Mortgage Newsletter

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