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Cindy Lepoint

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Rob Decker

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About Free Mortgage Newsletters

Hi, my name is Trish Lambert and I run I want to thank you for visiting this site and hope you try us out.

This service is the result of a need not being fulfilled. Sure there are a lot of newsletter companies out there, and some of them have very good products, but they are not good enough. Either they cannot be customized, or the loan officer has to handle the distribution him/herself, or the content is just so boring no one reads it.

So when I discovered this need, I decided to get more information from an expert. So I hired Ameen Kamadia "The Million Dollar Loan Officer" to help me design and create the perfect mortgage newsletter. He wasn't cheap but he helped identify several areas of improvement that were needed in the industry.

First, the newsletter had to look great and be in full color. Black and white does not stand out enough.

Second, the content had to have a perfect balance between mortgage talk and general talk. What Ameen helped me to see, was that a mortgage newsletter does not have to educate. It should, a little, but that is not its purpose. The newsletter's purpose is to get the reader to think about the loan officer who sent it. The reader needs to feel indebted to the loan officer for sending it to him. And in order for that to happen, the content must be something the reader wants to read.

Let's face it, a mortgage newsletter only talking about real estate or mortgage rates does not get read. The only time someone will read it is when they are thinking of getting a mortgage. But by then, the reader is already used to throwing the newsletter out.

You want your newsletter to be the first thing your prospects read when they see it in the mail. You want them to give it to their spouse to read and to talk about it to their friends. That is what we aim for with our content.

Third, the newsletter must be brain dead simple to distribute for the loan officer. When you sign up we will show you how you can distribute your free newsletter in less than 10 minutes.

Fourth, the newsletter must be customizable and yet be an outsource job. Ameen believes that loan officers should spend their time doing what brings in the money. Not on manual labor like folding, addressing and mailing newsletters. So we can handle all the distribution for you, even printing, database management, and mailing. provides you with affordable, professionally designed, fully customizable mortgage newsletters to help increase your marketing efforts and reach your target audience.

Our mortgage newsletters are noted as offering the best in content and design. We pride ourselves on being the leader in newsletter collaboration for the real estate/mortgage industry.

Our FREE newsletters offer you a way to stay in front of your prospects. All content is written by industry specialists, so you can rest assured your prospects will receive more than just a great design.

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